v1.1 (03.april.2020)


New features
+ Added Blind spell to damage calculator(defender side).
+ Added Scroll mode to Guardians calculator, which shows possible scroll level.
+ In Guardian mode, if creature is selected, it shows calculated range only for selected guard. Shows actual range, based on selected range as seen on the map.
+ Added dwelling values now update if zone count is changed.

+ Added Artifacts to Search database of Guardian calculator. 

Bug fixes
+ Fixed bug in adv/expert curse calculation(damage calculator).
+ Fixed rounding bug for attack/defense reducement calculation(Behemoth and Nix in damage calculator)

Other updates
+ Fixed Water/Ice Elemental size.
+ Updated berserk spell description.
+ Updated Slow spell description.
+ Updated Thunderbird description.
+ Other typos fixed.


v1.0 Initial release (12.february.2020)