v1.3.2 (11.june.2024) (download)

Bug Fixes
+ Archery skill and specialty calculations fixed.


v1.3.1 (24.may.2024)

Bug Fixes
+ Fixed creature reward value calculation for Factory and Neutrals in Pandora's box and Quest reward modes.
+ Fixed AiValue bar not updating when simulating battle rounds in Damage section.
+ Fixed archery specialty bug for ranged creatures in Damage section.
+ Giselle of town Rampart had her botched face surgery reverted.


v1.3 (28.march.2024)

New features
+ Factory town added.
+ Experimental Battle simulator in Damage section. Simulation of duel between two selected creatures. For now only basic damage is calculated based on selected options. Special attacks will be added in a future update.
+ Added army strength calculator in damage section.
  Guardian calculator
+ Added option to filter out impossible results
+ Reworked output screen when guardian creature is selected
+ In creature selector window, a random creature can be selected. This works in other sections too.
+ Added Aivalue bar for both sides. This can be toggled on/off
+ Added checkbox for "Ranged retaliation" mode. In this mode, all ranged units retaliate using ranged attack.
+ Added new creature count indicator inside its image. This shows average remaining units after opponent attack.
+ Added "All random" button which generates creatures in both sides. Their count is calculated to equalize their strength, based on Ai values.
  Battle simulator
+ Added battle count input box (1/x).
+ Added battle log, to show calculated values for each round.
+ Simulation has four options:
>   "All random" button sets random morale and luck values.
>   More than one morale proc is allowed.
>   All damage done is halved.
>   Bigger font size for battle logs.
+ Added damage roll information in logs and statistics. 0% is minimum roll & 100% is maximum.
+ Added high roll statistic which counts occurrences when damage roll is >= 90%
  Surrender calculator
+ Surrender calculator button (bottom/left corner) now auto hides when mouse is not over it. Also this button no longer resets creature input.
+ Surrender section now alternates between surrender and army strength calculator. The switch button is just above the calculation result.
  Army strength calculator
+ When all three artifacts are selected, Army strength is multiplied by 3.
+ Attack and defense inputs of the left side also contribute to the calculated result.
Bug Fixes
+ Fixed mouseover highlights for some buttons
+ Fixed some minor bugs and typos


v1.2 (31.january.2021)

New features
+ New Section - Heroes. Includes information about Hero classes, chance to roll primary, secondary and magic skills. Displays list of heroes for selected class and their specialties, skills, starting troops and spells. Each hero also has its overall strength rated by Xenofex. (1-3 stars)
+ Russian language added. New language switch upper left corner of app (cogwheel icon). Menus and data translated to russian. Guardian calculator object search now responds to russian input.

Guardian calculator
+ Search window is now part of main window for easier and faster searching. Enter key always adds first search result to the objects list.
+ New "Common" button added to fixed values. It opens menu with often used objects in game.
Damage calculator
+ Added reset buttons for each side.
+ Swap button now exchanges all selected properties for both sides.
Other calculators
+ Improved movement calculator icon design.
+ Added creature selection UI to demon calculator.
+ Added cost values to creature images.
+ Increased text size for right-click popups.

Bug fixes
+ Fixed incorrect formula for archery artifacts calculation in damage calc.
+ Various small fixes and typos.

Other updates
+ command line option to set the scale of the program(for higher resolution displays). Add "-scale 200" to the end of Target field in Program's shortcut. (More on this in the update video, when its available)

 Contact me (Oddish) on discord if you have found a bug or typo. Or write in #h3assist discussion channel on Xeno's discord server.


v1.1 (03.april.2020)

New features
+ Added Blind spell to damage calculator(defender side).

+ Added Scroll mode to Guardians calculator, which shows possible scroll level.
+ In Guardian mode, if creature is selected, it shows calculated range only for selected guard. Shows actual range, based on selected range as seen on the map.
+ Added dwelling values now update if zone count is changed.
+ Added Artifacts to Search database of Guardian calculator.


Bug fixes
+ Fixed bug in adv/expert curse calculation(damage calculator).
+ Fixed rounding bug for attack/defense reducement calculation(Behemoth and Nix in damage calculator)

Other updates
+ Fixed Water/Ice Elemental size.
+ Updated berserk spell description.
+ Updated Slow spell description.
+ Updated Thunderbird description.
+ Other typos fixed.


v1.0 Initial release (12.february.2020)